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Trauma Holds us Back

As a therapist, I have the privilege of getting to know the parts of a person’s life that the world may not see. A high percentage of people engaging in therapy are doing so because they may have things from their childhood that they need to work through. They don’t always know it at the time but over time the person may discover that the root cause of their difficulties lies in something from their past.

All of our past experiences, both good and bad, shape our core beliefs. These experiences contribute to shaping who we are today. For those that experienced a lot of trauma early on in life, the wounds run deep.

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Trauma can get in the way of us feeling good about ourselves and our place in the world. Our thoughts

about who we are and our self-worth may be distorted in a negative way that prevents us from going after the life and career we truly deserve.

We may not feel worthy of having a loving relationship or a career that we are truly proud of. If we haven’t been shown love and acceptance from our families, we don’t learn what it feels like to be loved and respected. Because of this, we don’t allow ourselves to dream or pursue our what we want.

Trauma holds us back. It contributes to depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles but it also keeps us from having the confidence to go after a promotion, ask for a raise, leave an unhealthy relationship, or apply for a new position that better aligns with what we want. We stay because it feels “safe” and is too uncomfortable to take the risk and leave.

You deserve more!

Make peace with your childhood by working with a licensed therapist. Work through your past, build your sense of self-worth, and go after the career and life that you were meant for.

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