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10 things to do to become more Authentic

Most of us were raised to "fit in" and not stray too far from the norm. In school we were taught to follow the rules, stay in line, do what we were told. This behavior was rewarded with praise, good grades, and recognition. 

We may not have learned how to think independently, to accept our differences, or to feel confident with the mind and body that we were given. Being truly authentic doesn't come naturally for most people. However, it is our way toward living a life that will feel right for us, provide meaning, and will give us a sense of true freedom. The freedom to be authentically you. 

A young woman with head out of a car window.
Becoming Authentic will set you free

Here are 10 things that can help you to become more authentic:

  1. Monitor and observe yourself

  2. Follow your intuition

  3. Take the time to understand your beliefs and where they came from 

  4. Identify your behaviors and actions that are incongruent with your beliefs

  5. Let go of the beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving you 

  6. Examine and discard self doubt

  7. Let go of the fear of disapproval

  8. Explore and honor your values

  9. Love and accept all of you

  10. Identify your purpose and what you are being called to do

Learning to put fears aside and accepting yourself as you are will lead you to follow the path that is right for you. This path is your answer to having the freedom to live your life on your own terms. 

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are". - C.G. Jung

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