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Stop Searching for a Job

Do you find yourself searching every year or two for a new role? Are you always looking for a new challenge and then when you land in a role, you regret it and realize it just doesn't fit? When you finally land in a role that perfectly aligns with who you are, what you value, and what energizes you, it no longer feels like work. You no longer have to search. Work can be fun, energizing, and meaningful. It can be gratifying, challenging, and stimulating. It can light you up, stir your emotions, and offer you assurance that you are on the right path. Having had multiple careers and working in different industries helped to lead me to where I’m at today.

All of the ups and downs and constantly searching for the “perfect" environment helped me to get closer to the “just right” fit for me. Stop searching for a job the way you usually do. The journey will look different for everyone. Comparing yourself to others is a trap. Keep your eyes in front of you and just keep taking steps.

It is never too late. Just follow your heart, your intuition, and your passion. Your calling is there for a reason. Don’t ignore it. Find ways to tap into your strengths, what provides meaning for you, and what fuels your soul. The roadblocks will test you. They are there for a reason. Learn from them and keep moving forward. Who you are and what you want will lead you on the right path. Keep searching and looking. You will find your way when you actually believe that you can.

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