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Your Kids are okay. What about YOU?

This message is for all of the parents out there that are worrying about your kids.

I get messages all of the time from parents, (mostly mothers), looking for a therapist or career coach for the young adult children. The messages often read "Looking for a therapist for my son who is really struggling right now with a recent break up" or "My daughter is stuck and isn't sure if she should go to college or take a year off". 

I understand how these parents feel as I am the mother of two adults sons and know the worry and concern that goes along with raising children.

Our children are in need of more support, guidance, strategies, tools, and a safe place to talk about life challenges. As a parent, this can be a heavy burden, especially if your child has mental health struggles, not making good choices, or isn't communicating. 

I believe that most parents think that once their child has a therapist or a coach to confide in, that things will get better. This may be true of course but they also often believe that their own anxiety will go away once there is a therapist or another professional onboard to help their child. This is not always the case. 

I hope that parents will also consider finding some support for themselves. 

As our children get older and move on with their lives, it can leave an empty space. This space can bring up feelings of sadness, a longing for purpose, and a sense of loss. It can also allow for more time to think about your next chapter and how you want to spend it.

This post is just a little reminder for all of the parents out there that are worrying and looking out for your children every day. Please make sure to do the same for yourself. You are precious, valued, and very much needed. 

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