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How are you making decisions?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The decisions that we make today are almost always based on our past. This makes sense to us as this is what we know. However, this way of decision making can also keep us stuck in making changes in our life. We only know what we know!

A few months back, I wrote a post asking “Would your future self approve of the decisions you make today?” This question was posed to help get you thinking about your future self. Where we are today is the result of our past thinking. Our actions and decisions that we make today will directly impact our future self. So before having that extra glass of wine, eating an extra handful of chips, or skipping that work out, ask your future self what she thinks is best. Our indecisions also hold us back.

Our impulsivity or inaction today may feel like a good decision in the moment but it does come with consequences. That may sound dramatic but all of these little decisions over the course of the day add up. The same could be said about other types of decisions and actions. Let’s say you have been meaning to renovate your basement and each day you take steps toward that happening or you want to lose weight and each day you “level up” your food choices, or slowly add exercise into your routine. These decisions will all add up and will influence a NEW result.

The first step is thinking about your future self.

Ask yourself some questions such as:

-What is important?

-How do you spend your day?

-What do you enjoy?

-Where are you living?

-Who are you spending time with?

Once you can start envisioning how you want your future self to live, then you can start making decisions today that will directly influence the new result that you want to have. This reshaping starts in your mind. What do you want your future life to look like?

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