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Serial Job Hopper

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Are you one of those people that can’t stay in a job for more than a year”? I was asked by an employer once after I gave notice. At the time, I remember feeling insulted and questioned it myself. But over the years, I’ve learned a great many things about myself with each and every job that I have held. I’m sharing it here because I think others can benefit from hearing it and possibly give themselves permission to do the same. Instead of beating yourself up when you realize you are in the wrong position, remind yourself that you just haven't found it yet!

What is the OPPORTUNITY LOST if you choose to stay in your current position, despite being unhappy with it? Sure, we can change our thoughts and possibly feel better about the job, but what happens when you have that gnawing feeling that you can’t possibly stay any longer? What if there is something else out there that is better suited for you and will feel more fulfilling and meaningful for you?

With each job that I have ever had, i’ve learned more about myself. With each move, I stretched myself a little more, took some risks, and discovered so much about myself. This would have never happened had I stayed in the same job year after year.

My father was a career General Motors man. He started on the assembly line and worked his way up to middle management. He was there 38 years! He would always be baffled when I told him I had a new job or I was looking again. For him and his generation, staying with the same company was just what you did. However, he would always tell me to find something that I enjoy!

Why don’t we all follow that that directive? Jack Canfield says, “we all have an internal GPS system that lets you know if you are on purpose. Follow what you enjoy and you will be on track”. Practical things like salary, benefits, location, etc all tend to blur our path. Fear and self doubt will rear their ugly heads if left unchecked.

Switching jobs and making a career change will help you to grow. It is not a character flaw! We don’t all know and understand what we are meant to do or what jobs suits us best until we experience it. We don't all know from the time we are younger what we want to do. Although there are lots of signs pointing us in the right direction....we just tend to not see them.

Here are some suggestions and questions to ask yourself:

If you have a hunch you are wanting to leave, do some digging as to what aspects about your current job aren’t working for you. Sometimes, it really isn’t about the job that you don’t like. It is often your thoughts about the people you work with and/or aspects of the job you don’t like. There is a lot of mindset work that can be done to shift your thoughts about your particular situation.

What is it that I am looking for in a job? Are you looking for fulfillment, meaning, purpose or are you just looking to collect a paycheck?

What are your beliefs about YOU in the workplace? Sometimes our own beliefs about our potential can sabotage us! The fear of how we will be perceived can get in the way of us making a change.

Why did you choose the field you are in? What about it was the most appealing to you?

Before you make a switch, start to learn more about you, what you need and what you want in the next job. Although it is fairly easy to make a move, it is a little more complicated to pull off when you realize that it is NOT something you want to do. Download my FREE Career Workbook to help you in this exploration process.

To learn more about my Life and Career Coaching programs and tools, message me to set up a free consult call. I look forward to helping you to be the best version of yourself!

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