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People Pleasing is Self Sabotaging

Why are you caring so much about what other people think of you?

When you are people pleasing or changing your behavior to suit someone else, you are hiding your genuine self. When you are hiding your true self from others because you feel you are likely to be accepted, you are sabotaging yourself.

This usually happens when our self-esteem is low, when we are self critical, and when we believe we can influence how others feel about us.

This is not actually possible! We do not have any influence over how others perceive us.

Other people are entitled to think what they like. It is their business and we have absolutely zero control over what others think of us.

We are setting ourselves up to fail when we are acting a way that doesn't align with who we are. When we put on a mask that isn't our true self, we are essentially lying to others. When we put others needs before our own and change or alter our behavior to please them, we are self sabotaging.

Try putting yourself out there more and let yourself shine. Having your external self congruent with your internal self is being AUTHENTIC. The more you can do this, the more your self esteem will grow. Trust in yourself that you will be okay regardless if others like you. Just be you!

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