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Updated: Dec 15, 2021

What are your first thoughts upon awakening?

I don’t know about you but I have to redirect my initial ones when I first wake up in the morning. Mine are typically thoughts about all that I have to take care of that day or things I may be worrying about.

Intentional thinking is deciding what thoughts you want to have ahead of time.

Intentional thinking and then planning your day are two surefire way to get results!

Let’s say that you want to get all of your christmas shopping done by the end of the week. Instead of

worrying and thinking about all of the things that could potentially go wrong (they don’t have what you want, shipping is delayed, they won’t like your gift), spend the time thinking about how you would like things to go and then plan your time accordingly.

Focusing on what you are fearing will only produce anxiety and the likelihood of things going wrong. Learning how to create what you want by intentionally thinking and planning your day is a serious game changer!

Upon wakening, when you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of worry, start to visualize the way you would like the day to go. Start thoughts such as, I intend to....., or I will......, or today I plan to follow through on..... These are just a few examples of how to redirect thinking to what you want instead of what you are fearing.

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